Wesley Clark

Wesley Clark Bio

Im Wesley Zane Clark born 01/09/1989 in Johannesburg When I was 10years old I started to play guitar in the afm church in bloemfontien and that’s when

I realized I have a talent for singing to so I was 13 and then I did my first song in church and ever since I was doing youth lead singer and playing guitar for our youth group

And then I started with talent shows ens and ja now im doing music full time started with live shows 2012 when I moved to cape town after I was at a karaoke compition

And lady came to me and said joh son you have a talent and since then im just going forward and ja all thanks to my heavenly father for my great talent

My first single kompas written by coonie classen was on radio and was number one on the top 25 for about 6month I have a demo cd aswell what I sell on my shows

But nothing professional money is tight in the music business my dream is to do a professional cd when time is right I have another single Jy’s Die hemel I did a shoot

For a video aswell of the song and its on itunes and little more of my self im English and I love my Afrikaans I do abit of everything from old to new music