Ashton Wheeler

Ashton Wheeler Bio

Ashton Wheeler is an upcoming South African solo artist whose phenomenal voice can only be described as soulful, deep, sultry and most definitely unique. His music has been described as a breath of fresh air in the South African music industry and his modesty attracts crowds in any setting.

He actively writes and composes his own music drawing inspiration from his life experiences. His covers display an amazing range of originality. His biggest inspiration comes from both locally and international artists including, Jan Blohm (South-African music award winner) and Kip Moore (MCA Nashville). His dream is to record his debut album showcasing his own music all around South Africa and taking it internationally.

He discovered his love for music at the tender age of 17. When he first picked up a guitar, he knew that this was the dream he had to pursue.

Ashton Wheeler Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/AshtonWheelerOfficial/